Never Have I Ever

So, Belinda over at FoundLoveNowWhat has issued a virtual kick up the bum with her ‘Blog Everyday in May’ challenge and while I doubt I’ll get to it every day, day 5’s prompt has got me pondering.

It is waaay harder than it looks but here goes:

Never have I ever:

  • Jumped out of a plane (thank you, NO)
  • Got the tattoo I have been thinking about for years (the potential pain + wrinkliness at 70 puts the brakes on)
  • Enjoyed a fairground or playground ride (motion sickness is a fun killer)
  • Held a European driving license (only places  with truly crazy driving conditions, for some reason)
  • Owned property (ouf, seems too grown up)
  • Felt the desire to have children (ditto)
  • Gone to a music festival (just so pricey and now I’m over the age of *coughs* it just seems a bit…try hard…?)
  • Donated blood (low iron!)
  • Really missed eating meat (22 years and counting…)
  • Managed to get anywhere near fluency in French (DISGRACEFUL)
  • Visited the South American continent

Check out the lists of other bloggers here.

What do you think?

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