Wanderlust 2015: Travel Dreams a Plenty

A year never turns out how you’d expect, does it?

2014 was not at all what we thought it would be and the uncertainty looks like it will continue into this year, with Mr B  working abroad while I stay put in Belgium.

It’s not all bad news, I was lucky enough to visit three new countries last year. We also got to dip a toe into the Middle East where Mr B is posted, a completely new region for us both. It goes without saying it’s a part of the world with a huge amount of history with which we’ve been trying to get to grips. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get back there again.

Mr B’s posting disrupted almost all of our travel plans (and our lives!) last year so this year we have two goals: try to see as much of each other as possible while maximising our leave and to get serious about savings. The savings goal is going to be challenging as we tend to prioritise travel over pretty much everything else – we figure we work hard and we love to explore new places but this year we will try to be more disciplined…

Asia/Australasia: Burma/Myanmar is still top of the list but in reality it is just going to have to wait as life pulls us in a different direction in 2015. Mr B has added Vietnam to his wish list, somewhere I’ve already been but a country that has changed dramatically since I visited.

India, I have been pining for you so much recently. You are still in my heart and I hear you calling. Perhaps 2016?

North America: We definitely want to get to Mr B’s home next year for Christmas. His poor mother is heartbroken we had to cancel our plans last year. I can’t wait for another taste of her amazing Christmas cookies and to chop down the family tree at the Christmas tree lot [for Brits it is just too cool that you can do this, with actual snow for added wow factor]. It’s highly unlikely we’ll get to do our planned mini road trip in California (boo) but we have a great deal in New York from all Mr B’s travel points that we REALLY hope we can take advantage of before the summer.

Africa: Ethiopia, never fear, you are still there, tempting me at the top of my list. Sadly my pending *ahem, large* birthday trip to Sierra Leone has been abandoned with the ongoing health crisis in that part of the world. Mr B is still dreaming of seeing the migration across the Mara.

Middle East: *new addition!* We loved Jordan last autumn and would like to go back. Jerusalem is now also vying for our attention, as is Oman. If my visa comes through next week, Saudi will be a destination, albeit one I never thought I’d see.

South America: Oh Belize and Chile, you are still there, don’t worry. My friend A is also doing a hard sell on Cartagena having returned from Christmas there. It is, she assures me, where all the cool kids are going, “on the upswing to trendy” she reports. You heard it here first.

Closer to Home/Europe: With all the crazy unpredictability of 2014, A and I did not get our weekend away to Italy. This year we WILL. If the finding of a date that works and planning KILLS us, I don’t care. We’re going. Florence remains in our sights. Jess on Thames, with her spontaneous trip to Seville has opened up another avenue of travel lust for a city I have wanted to see for a long, long time.

I want to get back to explore more of Mechelen and Antwerp. And crazy Belgian festivals are always fun, there are a couple I have my eye on during the months ahead. And it is the 200th anniversary of Waterloo this year. And Mons is the European Capital of Culture. It’s all going off in Belgium in 2015….

Happy 2015, may the road rise up to meet you!

Thanks to Emma, Kelly and Rebecca for the Linkup!

//Grand’Place Brussels, Christmas Lights 2014// Sacré Coeur, Paris// Poppies, Tower of London

//Petra, Jordan// Strasbourg// Cologne Cathedral// Brown Lake, B.C // Mahon gin // Amman, Jordan

// Cuitadella, Menorca// Koksijde fisherman, Belgium // Mechelen, Belgium

15 responses

  1. Hope you make it to Florence, it’s incredible! Super hot in the middle of summer though, we almost keeled over from the heat. There’s lots to do in NY! I’m from the finger lakes where theres lots of waterfalls and wine, whats better than that?

    • oooh, you know I have to confess I’ve never been anywhere outside of NYC, the rest of the state is a mystery but I’ve heard the finger lakes are gorgeous, lucky you. You make a very good point about Florence in the summer. In fact, as much as I love Italy, I prefer it out of season when the whole world is not there and it is not crazy hot. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. I love this post! (Not the Mr B being away part, but the hearing about your travels part.) When it comes to travelling, you guys have it DOWN. You are 100% responsible for all my hopes to get to India in the near future. I will be coming back for loads of advice when that finally happens 🙂 Hoping the separation calms down for you soon, can’t wait to hear about your together travels and let me know if you are in London! xx
    (PS – Seville – go just before you can’t stand Northern winters anymore but before the crowds hit!)

    • YAY! that is the nicest thing anyone has said ever, thank you! 😀
      There are so many parts of India I still want to see too.
      Fingers crossed Mr B will be home in just a few months….would be lovely to see you in London very soon.

  3. So many great destination so little time!
    Between Jess and my sister, Seville has jumped to the top of my travel wish list along with Ethiopia which my other half and I have been discussing about visiting for years.
    I love the Middle East and it’s just so interesting. Oman is very beautiful, we visited back in 2010 but am sure it’s changed so much since then and Israel is just so fascinating (I wasn’t fussed on going but it captured my heart).
    Such a great list and Happy New Year

    • definitely looks a delicious destination and I think with that much art to see plenty of gelato and coffee breaks are a must-do, otherwise there’s a good chance my eyeballs will explode

    • Thanks Suze, that’s hit the nail on the head exactly: work tends to get in the way far too often for travel escapes…

    • Let’s hope there are plenty of them!! I’m pretty intrigued to be (possibly) heading for Saudi for a few days. I find out tomorrow if I have a visa…

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