Wake me up when September ends

Last month I gave myself a break. There is only one way to make the waiting in a long distance relationship go faster and that is to get out and keep active. It’s too hard to focus only on a list of chores that need to be done or to count the hours until we’ll have a chance to Skype.

September saw me visit the beautiful city of Strasbourg in Alsace. It was a bittersweet trip as this is where Mr B and I started. The city is gorgeous, with its famous cathedral, storks and the Petit France historic area. I’m hoping I’ll be able to return for the Christmas market at the end of the year which has to be one of the best in Europe given its blend of French and German traditions.

Petit France, Strasbourg Strasbourg Cathedral autumn colours, Strasbourg Petit France, Strasbourg

Back in Brussels, I took advantage of the journees du patromoine which always offer an amazing, officially sanctioned opportunity to gork around and look inside many of the landmark buildings across the city. I’ve been inside many of this year’s offerings thanks to work but I loved being able to peek inside one of the churches I pass regularly on my way to work but which up until now I’ve never seen open.

Set Catherine's church, Brussels Interior Set Catherine church All seeing eye Ste Catherine Church

Sadly, I was disappointed by this year’s Kanal Festival. It’s a shame, as it is one of my favourites, given that it takes place in our neighbourhood. My overall feeling is that there was just not enough funding available to make the installations really worth seeing. The origami refugee camp, highlighting the plight of thousands of ‘sans papiers‘ in Belgium, was the clear highlight. Fingers crossed that next year things come together.

Taumascopio relfections sculpture Elaine The reality of KanalFestival 2014 Kanal Festival 2014 origami refugee camp Canal zone, Brussels

4 responses

  1. Wonderful photos–I’m hoping to improve my photography, but I think it will need some official training and instruction ;). I’d love to go to Strassbourg for the Christmas market one year. This year we’ll go to Montpellier in the South, not too far away from where we live. I love all kinds of markets!
    My dh and I have spent lots of time apart, but never a whole year, so I wish you well and yes, keep active and keep doing fun things whenever you can! At least in Europe the distances are so much shorter than say in the US, and it’s easier to go places without making them into massive excursions.

    • Thanks Miss Footloose. I think the thing about photography is you just need to do a lot of it. I am still far too chicken to walk around with my “big camera” all the time, it still makes me feel self-conscious so 99% of the time I stick to my trusty iPhone! The Christmas market in Strasbourg is wonderful, I’m excited to go back there. Thanks for your good wishes on the whole long distance thing. It is tough but the time is passing remarkably fast. I’m very lucky everyone around me is being very understanding and best of all, generous with dinner invitations!! 😀

  2. Such lovely pictures. This long distance has to be hard and keeping active is indeed the way to go. Strasbourg is always a lovely distraction (I like to wander around the historic bits and try to forget about the EP!) xx

    • Thanks Jess I take it as a big encouragement to continue practising my photography 😊 Yes the parliament site is not so appealing!! Fingers crossed it work out for the Christmas market!

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