New start, new shoes

New start, new shoes

It is a tradition that started because of Mr B.

Buying a pair of fancy shoes to mark new beginnings. It’s literally me putting my best foot forward.

When I left my second job, it was to follow Mr B to India and get married. I used part of my last pay packet to inaugurate this tradition of buying shoes in order to prepare for the wedding. The other part I used for the dress itself.

When I left my, frankly hellish, posting in Jakarta, Mr B strongly encouraged me to blow the last pay packet on another fabulous pair of shoes during a visit to Hong Kong as a ‘pick me up’ therapy.

And a few weeks ago it was time for another new start.

And so I bought these.

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  1. Gorgeous shoes… me-likey! Currently on third year in Jakarta and I feel you… this place is not for the faint-hearted. Actually I regularly reward myself with shoes – perhaps all too much.

    Reaching the phase of planning our next posting abroad so I’m consciously scaling back the shoe buying in the fear that I may not fit them all in my suitcase. Scary thought…. 😉

    • You know, after a series of postings close together in Asia we figured out that there has to be a ‘one in, one out’ policy for clothes and shoes. Otherwise it gets crazy trying to get everything to fit into your shipping allowance. Makes you much more choosy. Good luck with the new posting, hope it is somewhere really interesting…?

    • Fun and pretty easy too. Just slightly expensive which is why it is good it doesn’t happen that often!

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