Brussels Food Truck Festival 2014

Brussels Food Truck Festival 2014

Mr B and I took a gamble, weather-wise, and strolled along to the inaugural Brussels Food Truck Festival this weekend.

The festival coincided with celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the Brussels region and signals yet another step in the slow transformation of the city becoming a modern metropolis.

The diabolical weather had not deterred a good crowd of mostly young residents, visitors and families from coming out to sample the various wares on offer. Mr B and I agree that it is cheating somewhat to have ‘frites’ on offer here in Belgium. That aside, the Mexican cantina attracted a steady crowd of North Americans and the Patatas Bravas truck (shaped like a potato) delighted everyone. There were bagels, thai food, soup, coffee, duck, an absolutely charming Piadina stand also offering good Italian wine and above all plenty of burgers.

For a first time festival, it was a good turnout, both in terms of the number of trucks and also in terms of the level of excitement generated amongst the foodies in the city. We really hope the Food Truck Festival becomes a regular fixture in Brussels’ ever growing number of city-wide celebrations. Only next year, it would be great if the organisers could find a spot with wider pavements or arrange for traffic to be halted completely. Oh, and some dry, sunny weather would be awesome too.

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    • Definitely fewer burgers next year, not very imaginative but I guess easy to serve? And more desserts!

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