My {blogging} coming out

My {blogging} coming out

I stay anonymous in the blogosphere for a variety of reasons but primarily because of the sense of freedom it provides. I feel more comfortable discussing topics that I find difficult, even in ‘real’ life. It is also a bid to keep my ‘work’ life and ‘my’ life utterly separate. When I’m trailing rather than in paid employment, being anonymous grants me scope to reflect on things I’ve seen and heard from within the expat bubble. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads, this is for me.

I’m very careful never to give names or too many details but to try to take the role of an observer and to reflect on what I and my fellow expats are experiencing.


As a life long aficionado of afternoon tea I’ve discovered there are limits to my life behind the screen. That I can be tempted to come out.

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, over the last year I’ve been following expats all over the world as they go about their daily adventures. A group of them in London have started meeting for afternoon tea and one happened to coincide with a UK trip. And so I went along.

We enjoyed a delicious tea of sandwiches, scones, cakes (even those of us with dietary requirements) and a glass of bubbly at the Royal Horseguards Hotel  thanks to Chef Ben. More than that, I was able to link names and faces and learn more about their stories and blogging.

And yes it was scarey at first but everyone felt nervous and as the tea flowed there was lots of chat and laughter.

Best of all the tea was delicious and the location is fabulous, particularly if you have overseas visitors in town and want to admire the world go by on the Thames and the London Eye.

The moral of the story is: the expat blogging community is lovely so if you’re London-based look out for details of the next tea in May on Twitter (@selenatheplaces).

What do you think?

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