Treasure-hunting for Belgian antiques

When I first moved to Brussels I was lucky enough to have room-mates with an amazing eye for treasure which meant we furnished our flat for next to nothing and with a unique style. You know the type – you all go out to a flea market and you blithely walk past rows of overflowing cardboard boxes of what you consider ‘junk’, while they spot original 1950s china at 200 paces AND get it for a bargain price.

I’m not a die-hard bargain-hunter. During our time in Asia I discovered that I’m just too British to be a good haggler. I find the whole exercise incredibly stressful and distasteful while Mr B revels in it.

Nevertheless, when I heard about Belgium’s largest antique and flea market in Tongeren I was curious and wanted to pop along ‘just in case’. You understand that after our postings in India and China Mr B and I have absolutely no need for any more furniture but one of the great things about expat life is the ability to find beautiful things that add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

What do you think?

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