Mr B’s advice for driving in snow

Mr B hails from snowy wasteland-like climes. And so when Brussels gets its annual snowfall he is more exasperated that enthralled. Particularly if he has to drive anywhere.

Following a snowy adventure around town this morning, here are his top pleas (I would say ‘tips’ but I doubt anyone is going to pay attention, people don’t here in Belgium, especially when driving):

  1. If you don’t have snow tyres, don’t drive. It’s as simple as that. A lack of proper equipment is going to make you a hazard to all and sundry on the roads. Man up and wait for the train (and good luck with that).
  2. Try, really try, to spend more than 10 seconds clearing snow from your car. The windscreen should be clear but also so should ALL the windows, mirrors and your lights. Don’t fall into the trap of “Belgian half-arsed effort” again.
  3. Driving at speeds lower than pedestrians walk is dangerous. Pull over and walk yourself.
  4. When driving pick a lane and do your best to stick to it. Also indication is not optional in snow.
  5. Steady driving is key. Don’t panic brake randomly. Especially not when driving uphill.
  6. Don’t tailgate. Italian drivers in Brussels, you are the worst at this. It will not end well.

Bonnes routes!

2 responses

  1. I love this! Coming from Canada – here’s another one: Pump the breaks. As say, opposed to “slamming on” the breaks. 😉 Great Blog! 🙂

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