Christmas Tree or scaffolding? You decide

Most of you who are Brussels-based are probably already bored of the most popular seasonal conversation this year. Namely the monstrosity that currently occupies Grand Place. The hot topic of conversation cette annee is the decision by some bright spark in the Brussels city council (how glad am I that I didn’t bother to vote in the municipal elections this year?) to replace the traditional Christmas tree with a “light installation’.

The Belgian press were incensed and have dubbed the result “the pharmacy’ (after the green cross signs outside chemists). Petitions have been filed. Politicians have had to deny it is all an anti-Christian plot rather than just an attempt to introduce a little bit of Belgian surrealism to Christmas.

If you’re in town and tired of being pick-pocketed at the Winter Festival, get along to Grand Place and check it out for yourself.

What do you think?

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