Touche pas a mon pays

What with it having just passed Belgian National Day, I thought I should be fair and list some of the things I like about Brussels. Here goes:

  1. It is close to Antwerp: I am not being facetious here (OK, maybe a bit) but Antwerp is an amazing city. The shopping is fantastic, lots of quirky boutiques.
  2. Pierre Marcolini: I have seen the man in the flesh. I worship at his altar.
  3. Cafe Modèle: Our new favourite brunch place.
  4. Art Deco.
  5. The generous sprinkling of bank holidays.
  6. The way the place closes down “de quinze à quinze“.
  7. The cake shop up the road from work that shall remain nameless. And tempting.

That’s all for now.

One response

  1. You forgot the insame amounts of dog faeces, the very gloomy subway system, the quite dangerous area around gare du nord, the fact that you just *cant* tell if you are in france or in holland untill you see those black-yellow-red flags hanging at windows (who the hell is actually so desperate to assert their identity to the point of hanging flags?). And i was also personally offended by the fact that i saw, first hand, cases of open rasism,and no one gave a damn cuz who cares about morrocans. Also why is the eu parlament considered a touristic attraction. Its just a bunch of office buildings. But all that influence from the eu institutions makes the city seem a wee bit sterile. Walking on some streets seems like being in a huge hospital with long wide white coridors.

    I did like the parks the bike lanes the palais de justice, the fact that some people were very polite and would go out of their way to help you.

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