Some are more equal than others

Have you seen this?

HSBC is running its annual expat survey. It can be found here if you are feeling bored or just want to let off some steam about your current posting.

I’m very curious to see if our feeling that things are getting tougher for expats (first to be cut, fewer expat postings than ever, woe is us etc etc) is reflected in their findings.

Prepare for a long-haul in terms of filling it all out and the inevitable indirect sell of their off-shore expat services which, together with Citibank, have annoyed me greatly over the last few years in Asia, especially when we were searching for ways to get money out of mainland China without eye-watering levels of paperwork.

It must be nice to have the spare 10 grand lying around that you need as a minimum balance to qualify for their expat accounts. Not all expats are equal…

PS Remedial Wife was also not amused to realise she is now in another age bracket in terms of these kinds of surveys. Sigh.

What do you think?

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