Bu jin, bu yuan*

We recently passed the 1 year anniversary of when we moved from Mumbai to Beijing. It seems like so long ago, another world. And I’ve found myself parting very reluctantly with empty packaging from our time overseas!!

I know I keep banging on about this, but I am still finding it odd to be in Belgium for the second time. It’s like one of those dreams where you’re being chased and realise at some point that instead of escaping all you’re doing is moving in circles.

The good thing is that after 4 months I find myself sinking into a vague sense of acceptance (acquiescence?) at being back. I think having some work is helping with that.

The bad thing is my Mandarin is rapidly disappearing. I’ve taken to bringing flash cards and podcasts on my commute in a desperate attempt to hang on to it a bit longer. I’m also still looking for a teacher who can come to the house to give us some lessons (if anyone has any recommendations pls let me know).

More than that, because Brussels is so familiar, it’s starting to feel like maybe we never actually left. Which I’m pretty sure we did and I pray we will do again before too long.

Anyway, all of this got me thinking about reverse culture shock and lo! I found these great articles. Enjoy.

*not near, not far

2 responses

  1. I understand completely, I’m still in shock about leaving our expat posting and coming home that I can’t even write about it (it was 5 months ago), my poor blog is so forsaken lol. I feel like I too am coming to grips with it but it is taking so long.

    • :< hang in there.

      I think the fact that we're not really "home" just 2nd time around is weirding me out more than anything at the moment.

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