Things I had (blissfully) forgotten about Belgium

This is our second posting to Brussels and somehow in all the trailing around Asia, some things about life here had receded into the ether. They are now re-emerging. For example:

  1. You have to pay for the privilege of using public toilets. In some places even if you are eating or drinking there (if this annoys you, stay away from L’Ultime Atome in Pl. Boniface). This rule is enforced by grumpy ladies known as “mesdames Pee-Pee”. They do not smile. Then again neither would I.
  2. The universal lack of concern shown by others when you need to get something done, “c’est pas moi”. Indians were always slightly apologetic about this. The Chinese got things done IF you could make yourself understood. Does this mean, as I suspect, that Belgium is, in most regards, actually a developing nation?
  3. The fact recycling is collected once a week but non-recyclable rubbish twice a week.
  4. How often it rains.
  5. The vast majority of shops close around 6pm and almost nothing is open on a Sunday. I am torn on this one because it allows local markets to flourish.

I will be adding to this list as time passes, I’m sure…

One response

  1. …..but the chocolate trumps all!! My perspective after five countries is that nowhere is perfect – each country has its good points and its frustrations. I’ve also noticed that the memories of the frustrations disappear more quickly (kind of like memories of childbirth, I think) leaving us with rosy memories of places we have left behind. Its one of the reasons it’s so hard to go back.

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