Baby, it’s cold outside

After about 6 weeks of nothing we got a good dose of snow over the weekend. I love snow. It is related to the fact that growing up in a mild climate I used to live for bad weather because it meant time off school. We got a full week off in the aftermath of the infamous 1987 hurricane and another week following heavy snow. Bliss. Mr B is more sanguine about snow having spent his childhood shovelling driveways and ruined numerous shoes by walking on salted city streets.

Walking around the unusually quiet city yesterday Mr B and I were surprised to see the roads had not been ploughed or gritted. We speculated whether or not the city even owned any.

This morning I walked to the subway passing huge gangs of employees and colleagues who had been “volunteered” to clear the pathways and store fronts and roads. Although some bright spark somewhere in city hall (who deserves a slap) decided it was a good idea to mix marble tiles in with paving stones which is treacherous at the moment.

Where else in the world could the government demand that the citizens of the capital city clear the snow away manually? People power always seems to win in China!

Check out the BBC coverage of the snowfall here.

Park keeper sweeps the paths at Ritan Park

Beijing ren struggle in the snow

The army of employees from the Environmental Protection Agency next door.

What do you think?

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