When it’s good, it’s good, when it’s s*^t, it’s s*^t

Things, dear readers, are not going so well here out East. Sadly, because nothing is truly anonymous in this interconnected world I can’t go into details. Suffice it to say that the Recession is a cruel mistress. She makes short-term thinking a fact of life.

Storm clouds on the horizon mean that this expat wife is now rapidly trying to find a job 5 months earlier than planned. Frankly the best paying job she can find. As long as it happens in the next couple of months. No time now to fill out slightly fluffy self-evaluation forms trying to uncover “values to focus me on doing what I love”. No time now for expensive expat wife focused portable career solutions As well meaning as they are, they won’t put bread on the table.

Remedial Wife has enjoyed her time “off” but as her name suggests, she was never entirely suited to a life of indolence.

I have, I’ve discovered, a vast natural reserve of sloth. Being an expat wife has only brought this out in unflattering ways. Maybe this is the silver lining in the current dark, dark storm cloud.

The truth is Remedial Wife would like Mr B to become the trailing one and take some time out. To have the shoe on the other foot. To have him deal with  trying to talk to the ayi through mime, to sleep in, to be suddenly brightened by an afternoon in a wonderful park. To go tea tasting because it sounds fun. Most of all to unknot his shoulders.

The reality is that already being on the ground, an expat salary ain’t going to happen.

The truth is that when expat life goes bad, unless you have been stationed wherever you are for a good chunk of time, you feel very alone. And very panicked. And very sad.

It’s at times like these that you burst with gratitude for patient, wonderful friends in other time zones who help guide you through the storm. And for new friends in town who offer as much advice as possible and offer funny anecdotes and words of encouragement and boozy dinners with lots of laughter.

* with thanks for the title of the post to T who never spoke a truer word and who also deserves a great new job.

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