Ups & Downs

Culture shock is a very strange thing. The sense of isolation, disorientation. The feeling that things are somehow closing in all around you.

Not every day is the same. Some days are totally fine and I can go out and explore and try new trailing spouse coffee mornings and meet new people. Other days all I want to do is hibernate.

The weirdest things can set me off at the moment. Not being able to find something I need in the supermarket or the fact I don’t have any idea what the maintenance man is telling me about the washing machine.

Poor Mr B is having to put up with all of this.  Our new life is less strange for him because he has a new routine. A new office with colleagues. Things to do!  I know this too will pass. I’ve tried to remember my first few months in Mumbai. Aside from knowing that they were tough, overwhelming even, I don’t remember them very clearly. I’m taking this as a good sign. On top of everything, all the expats we’ve met so far have told us we will grow to love living here. I hope so.

One response

  1. hi there…can you believe me if I tell you that I am having some sort of a cultural shock in Chicago? I thought I would fit in smoothly and without any consequences, but I was wrong. It is like when you are Italian and you start learning Spanish: you make the mistake of thinking that it will be easier because the languages are similar. Big big mistake.

    The same here.

    Good luck though!

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