Itchy Year

Thank God for paper diaries. In a fit of boredom in Jakarta I entered family birthdays and other festivals of note in my cool Mumbai diary. Good thing I did.

Leafing through it last night I realised that today is the official anniversary of when Mr B and I started dating many moons ago – our anniversary this year is of the 7-year variety!

The start of our relationship was….messy? complicated?…in any case, we arbitrarily decided on April Fool’s Day as our anniversary. It seemed highly appropriate somehow. Normally we both forget. The other day we even forgot the name of the place we got married. Sigh.

In any case, my remembrance of this auspicious day means Mr B will have to suffer my cooking this evening. I figure it is his penance.

Wife School Lesson For The Day: It was a stroke of genius to look up in Canadian cookbooks (thanks mum-in-law!) how much raw chops, steaks and chicken breasts should weigh. A vegetarian does not know these things, making online shopping in UK supermarkets a bit of a challenge. Pat self on the head.

What do you think?

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