Social Niceties

When he does not want to do something, Mr B has taken to delegating tasks to me on the proviso that, as I am not working, I should be kept as busy as possible.

These tasks are then dressed up with semi-official sounding titles and accompanying “duties”:

  • Director of External Relations: everything from organising our social life to ordering pizza (especially if foreign languages are involved)
  • Director of Internal Affairs: making sure bills are paid, laundry is done and the cupboards are stocked
  • Director of International Relations: organising trips home, holidays, keeping up with our friends and family outside India (in particular family birthdays – not my strong point)

He, however, maintains that as the official Head of Household (a title bestowed upon him by the Census Office in Belgium during our time there which he is not about to forgo anytime soon) he has a veto on all matters.

Director of External Affairs is probably the most important of my wifely duties here. One of the odd things about being an expat wife is that you pretty much end up taking charge of your husband’s social life.

In our previous existence, Mr B was more than capable of finding like minded friends for carousing the time away. In Mumbai, most expat husbands work in offices where they are the only foreigner or at least one of a very small group. Added to this is the fact many Indians do not feel comfortable socialising with goras. This often means that the only men husbands get to meet are the husbands of their wives friends.

We’re pretty lucky, so far this has worked out really well. As the 8hr brunch at the 4 Seasons yesterday and the dancing till 3am on Friday prove…

Wife School Lesson for the Day: Sometimes it is best just to leave the men to their own devices and take a black and yellow home. Other times, husbands should listen when their wives tell them that walking back home down a crowded street when she is wearing a low cut top is asking for trouble.

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  1. I love your blog! It’s so witty and gives such a clear picture of an expat’s life in India. Best regards to Mr B too!

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