City Demons

Yesterday I met two new expats who have been directly affected by the 26/11 attacks, specifically at the Oberoi. It is pretty humbling to hear the stories and to learn about how their everyday lives are still impacted by what happened over that 4 day period. One has come back to face the city and to push through her personal demons; faced with an unresponsive embassy and employer, another has been forced to rethink if an expat life, with its attendant lack of control, is really what she wants.

This city is so fast-paced and energetic that, save gawking at the bullet hole at Leopald Cafe or inspecting the front facade of the Taj, it would be easy to forget what happened here just a few short months ago.

Mumbai is like a giant rubber ball, it just cannot be squashed or held down. Every time you step into the street here, you are confronted with a carnival of life. But I think things have changed – the upcoming election results will show if this is the case.

Wife School Lesson For the Day: Expats have nothing better to do than gossip. Keep your mouth shut.

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